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Funny how sometimes you manage to miss some of the news which matter to you. For quite some time I've been wondering why the heck keeps popping-up in my browser under NoScript. After receiving information about latest updates for my site, I decided to figure out where does it come from, and it actually came from reCAPTCHA module (to be more precise from their site). A simple search on <a href="">Clusty</a> revealed to me that Google had actually acquired reCAPTCHA. Now that was quite an annoying discovery. So, instead of using reCAPTCHA, I've decided to switch away from it, and onto the plain old image module of the CAPTCHA module itself. I'm curious whether the number of spams will increase, because reCAPTCHA <i>does</i> have quite a good engine. Too bad the Google seems to be spreading its influence around.


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