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Nudged by one of my remote friends (here's to you, Garen :), I realised that there hasn't been a single status update post ever since I moved from Serbia to Sweden. And, apparently at least some people like to know what's happening, so maybe it's time to step aside from technology stuff for a bit :)

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Well, it certainly has been a long time since my last blog post. I almost find it funny how the last entry was about the move to Sweden, and then nothing.

It has been high time to bring a change to lack of content, so here we go again. :)

For me, New Year usually ...

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Last night was quite fun. After quite a long time, an interesting band decided to hold the concert in Belgrade - <a href="">Pain of Salvation</a>. Since we don't get many progressive bands playing here, I just had to go.

They were promoting their new album, but I've mostly listened to their older stuff ...

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I've been on vacation since the Wednesday, and it's going to stay like that for a week to come. During this time I'm planning on relaxing a bit and making a migration of my mail+XMPP server, as well as playing with some other stuff.

This time I've decided to use the LDAP as a back-end, ...

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Ad Astra is a board game coming from the publisher Nexus and designed by Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget. It's a strategy game made for 3-5 players (although I've played it with just two players as well, although it's not much fun that way).

The game objective is to reach 50 scoring points. The ...

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Well, after some work, I've rearranged the website and installed a rather good gallery web application from In addition I've also integrated the Gallery2 into the main Drupal installation using the appropriate module, which can be found at Of course, some minor tweaks were made as well.

Not that it was ...