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Ad Astra is a board game coming from the publisher Nexus and designed by Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget. It's a strategy game made for 3-5 players (although I've played it with just two players as well, although it's not much fun that way).

The game objective is to reach 50 scoring points. The ...

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Ok, I must say that my first impression weren't too great about this little thing, but the day after I've found myself sitting in front of my desktop computer, staring at the monitor.

There's no amount of words that can describe the disappointment I feel right now about this device. This device is, simply said, ...

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After quite a bit of time I've finally managed to get my hand on the AI Touch Book I ordered somewhere around this time last year. The reason why I got it this late is mostly due to fact that the delivery and credit-card charge names (in my case) were not the same. I had ...