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I've been on vacation since the Wednesday, and it's going to stay like that for a week to come. During this time I'm planning on relaxing a bit and making a migration of my mail+XMPP server, as well as playing with some other stuff.

This time I've decided to use the LDAP as a back-end, ...

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You've really got to be amazed at the pace <strike>Red Hat</strike> Fedora likes to deploy new technologies on its <strike>guinea pigs</strike> users. Reading today's <a href="">LWN</a> RSS feeds, I've ran into the following jewel - <a href="">Fedora 16 to use Btrfs as its default filesystem</a>.

To be honest, am I surprised? ...

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Some days ago I've decided to make a small update to my site by installing the <a href="">Comment Notify</a> module. The module should help the visitors get updates on answers in the comment sections. The main reason I added this since some people have been asking me questions on some of the Free ...

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