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It is very interesting how much good books can be found on the Internet for free. And when I say free, I'm not talking about torrent and warez sites, but about books that have been published by the authors themselves or publishing houses for anyone to download and read, completely free of charge.

One such ...

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I've been playing a bit with GNU Screen and start-stop-daemon today, trying to rewrite the irssi init.d script (which allows me to run irssi within GNU Screen upon boot). <!--break--> GNU Screen is a very hand tool allowing you to keep a process running even when you log out, or in this case, even while ...

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Well, after some work, I've rearranged the website and installed a rather good gallery web application from In addition I've also integrated the Gallery2 into the main Drupal installation using the appropriate module, which can be found at Of course, some minor tweaks were made as well.

Not that it was ...

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