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While trying to speed-up the site by turning on caching and some optimisations, I've ran into a problem with the Deco theme used on the site. Apparently, when CSS optimisation is turned on, it all gets messed-up (most notably the fonts don't look right). After checking out the <a href="">Drupal</a> site, I've ran ...

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For the last ten years Free Software has been gaining a tremendous momentum, spreading in many areas, especially the Internet infrastructure. This trend has been, in part, the result of many big companies backing the development of such software. But in the end, there's a huge question that most people won't even think about, let ...

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And... Another fine book read. This time it's a parody fantasy book from Eric Flint, titled <em>The Philosophical Strangler</em>. The book follows the <em>adventures</em> of a strangler, named Greyboar, and his agent, Ignice (yep, the strangler got himself an agent). Now, as the title of the book suggests, the strangler has a great interest in ...

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