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And... Another fine book read. This time it's a parody fantasy book from Eric Flint, titled <em>The Philosophical Strangler</em>. The book follows the <em>adventures</em> of a strangler, named Greyboar, and his agent, Ignice (yep, the strangler got himself an agent). Now, as the title of the book suggests, the strangler has a great interest in philosophy. If you think that helps his agent to get work for him, you're wrong. Thanks to strangler's beliefs, the two of them will get into a lot of trouble. They'll meet new people, old acquaintances, love of their lives, you name it. What's particularly interesting in the book is reference to many real-world characters, introduced usually in a <em>very</em> funny way.

Definitively another book worth the read.

The book can be downloaded from <a href="">Bane Free Library Book</a>. Another proof that freely downloadable books can be of very high quality.


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