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I've been on vacation since the Wednesday, and it's going to stay like that for a week to come. During this time I'm planning on relaxing a bit and making a migration of my mail+XMPP server, as well as playing with some other stuff.

This time I've decided to use the LDAP as a back-end, having all my services utilise it if possible. The main reason for this decision was the fact that I found myself having issues with contacts spread-out on my main desktop machine, my laptop, netbook, ''and'' my webmail. None of them synchronised.

While there might be some out-of-the-box solutions for syncing contacts, it always comes down to who controls your data. I've had a look at some of the available solutions, and although <a href="">Funambol</a> is a nice solution, it would be somewhat of a memory hog on my <a href="">Linode VPS</a>.

I've hit a small problem with the Postfix when it comes down to using LDAP as a back-end through TLS, but thanks to the good people at the <a href="irc://">Freenode Postfix channel</a>, I've managed to find a proper solution that doesn't involve putting stuff in chroot or removing Postfix processes out of it. More on this some other time, though.

It's time to hit the beaches ;)


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