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Well, I've finally got around to setting-up Drupal. Although Debian Lenny has the Drupal 6 package in its repos, I decided to go for the latest version available on the official site (6.13 at time of this writing). After spending some time tweaking Apache and issuing certificates for the whole web server, I've jumped onto the Drupal documentation to get myself familiar with it. I've worked with the thing before, but I just wanted to make sure I'm doing right (this time). In the end, the database got created (MySQL), and I've finally deployed it. Still lots of things to setup, but at least I got the about/home page going. What's left now if to finish-up configuration of menus, some taxonomies, tweak the theme a bit (maybe even change it for something else altogether), and maybe try to find a good gallery module (already saw some stand-alone Gallery which might be useful for this purpose, but somebody commented it might be very powerful, i.e. not easy to setup, but what the heck, I'll manage it). I should also setup some kind of captcha for comments (don't want the bots to get cocky, and don't want to approve comments one by one - I'd rather take care of human-generated spam by hand as they appear).

All in all, the server's slowly getting up the way I wanted it a whole year ago.


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    Sve pohvale :)


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    HAha /sending a lots of spam from humans, Bane you are the evil one. Best wishes and add here some naked ladies. =-D


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    and about damn time too :-P

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