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Well, I'm still a bit tired, relaxing at the hostel room, after the official closing of FOSDEM 2010 today. This has been the first conference of this type that I've attended, and it has been very interesting. Since I'm tired, I'll just mention some first impressions I had.

I've arrived on Friday afternoon, and managed ...

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A lot of tutorials and how-to guides can be found on the Internet regarding the creation of self-signed certificates, or even of your own certificate authority. While the tutorials are usually very good and pretty straightforward, for some reason they seem to leave out the instructions for actually deploying the CA certificates.

Although not all ...

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In our dealings with Free Software and Free Content we are usually only emphasising the technological and business advantages of it. But recently, after a comment from one of my friends, it occurred to me that there's an important social aspect that we may be missing to mention.

The funniest thing is that the basis ...

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