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Yesterday I went over to the <a href="">International Belgrade Book Fair</a> which is held every year sometime during October.

I'm not much of a book reader, although ever since I got my new smart-phone I've started reading lots of free e-books. The book fair was more interesting to me this year due to sheer amount of women there - if you can't feast your soul on books, you can at least feast your eyes ;)

It's just a bit absurd how you could run into some people who seem to have dressed-up quite specially for the occasion (mostly women, to be honest).

The fair was decently well organized, with the exception of lacking any kind of useful map on the premises. People who had Internet access or prepared themselves beforehand should be considered lucky. There were lots of people, although I haven't noticed too many bought books. I guess it's a matter of how much people like to read vs how much money they have to buy the books.

I've managed to complete my <a href="">Dan Simmons</a> collection of Hyperion Cantos books by buying the <a href=""Endymion</a> and <a href="">The Rise of Endymion</a>. I've also snatched a nice book with collected thoughts of Fidel Castro (''Thoughts of comrade Fidel'') which should provide for a nice reading.

In the end, my niece and nephew (which are still too small to actually read books) will receive some nice picture books the next time I see them. Although not much, kids should be gifted with things other than plain toys.

I'll probably be back next year as well, if not for the quality books, then at least for women ;)


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  1. Bojan

    Bojan on #

    How would you compare "feast" quality between Book Fair and Motor Show? :)

  2. Branko Majic

    Branko Majic on #

    No idea, haven't went to motor shows, to be honest. In case of book fair I cant at least afford something, on a motor show not very likely. Besides, motor show is way too much plastic and silicon-based :)

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